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Shaw Flooring

Shaw Flooring

Use protective mats
It is important to use a good quality entry mat to trap dirt, sand and other substances such as oil that would otherwise be tracked onto your floor. These mats will also help protect your flooring from premature wear. Mats are also suggested at heavy pivot locations, such as in front of your kitchen sink or stove. If mats are placed directly on top of the resilient floors, use mats without latex or rubber backings to avoid possible discoloration.

Use chair and appliance pads to protect your vinyl floor
Make sure furniture legs have large surface, non-staining floor protectors. Replace small, narrow metal or dome-shaped glides with smooth, flat guides that are in full contact with the floor. Heavy furniture or appliances that are not moved often should be equipped with flat, non-staining composition furniture casters or cups of appropriate size.

Follow a simple maintenance plan
The type and frequency of foot traffic on your luxury vinyl floor will determine the frequency of maintenance needed. Regular attention to a simple maintenance program should include:

Remove dirt and grit by sweeping or dust mopping daily.
Wipe up spills as quickly as possible.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

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